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Employer Proposal Is Flawed, Has Serious Negative Implications, And Is Unacceptable


CAAT-A Negotiations Bulletin Issue 5:  Without fairness, there can be no deal

3 August 2017

Team calls strike vote
Proposals that improve life for partial load faculty
1) Create more full-time jobs for faculty who want them
2) Provide equal pay for equal work
3) Improve job security for partial-load faculty
4) Give partial-load faculty access to benefits
Looking out for contract and sessional faculty
A management team that doesn’t want to work with us
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College faculty call for strike vote as management refuses to deal with core issues


CAAT-A Negotiations Bulletin Issue 4: Team takes firm stand as management refuses to discuss faculty’s top issues

12 July 2017

A better plan: what college faculty proposed in Week 1
Member Demands: Establish academic freedom and collegial governance; Strengthen intellectual property rights
Academic freedom
Intellectual property protection
Collegial governance
Member Demand: Strengthen language to improve union representation of members working inside and outside the province of Ontario
Member Demand: Create a workload formula for counsellors and librarians
What does filing for conciliation mean for negotiations?

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College faculty file for conciliation as management refuses to consider proposed improvements

CAAT-A Negotiations Bulletein Issue 3: Contract negotiations are under way

7 July 2017


Contract negotiations are under way

Our opening presentation: a mandate for change

The 2017 proposals

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4 July 2017: Union Proposals for Settlement

College faculty enter this round of negotiations with a clear mandate for change from our members. Our faculty have passed a focused set of demands to address two major issues: the quality of education in the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology (CAATs) and equity for all faculty. Our demand package reflects the concerns of faculty at all 24 colleges. These proposals align with the clear objective of the Ontario government to ensure fairness and better labour relations for workers, and a more robust college system for students that both reflects international standards and creates better pathways to careers and other post-secondary institutions. [ Continue Reading Here ]

CAAT-A Negotiation Bulletin Issue 2: United for what we all need

March 2017


United for what we all need

Demands for all members

Our colleges’ finances are better than we thought

Taking a stand against hate

What’s this round all about?

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CAAT-A Negotiations Bulletin Issue 1: Facing the challenges together


December 2016


Facing the challenges together

What happens next?

Meet your bargaining team

Broke on purpose: decoding messages from management


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2017 College Faculty Bargaining FAQ