Bargaining 2017


2017 College Faculty Bargaining FAQ  
Negotiations Update #2: United for what we all need

This second negotiations update communicates the demand-setting process and the top ranked demands that will be negotiated by the CAAT-A bargaining team this summer, including demands for Partial-Load faculty, counsellors, and librarians.  The update goes on to analyze the fiscal surpluses at 23 of the 24 colleges.

Negotiations Update #1: Facing the challenges together
This first negotiations update introduces the Bargaining Team who will be negotiating with the College Council on your behalf to reach a new collective agreement. It also includes important information about how to communicate to the Team the changes that you want to see in the next Collective Agreement, including the province-wide pre-bargaining survey, and our upcoming Local Demand-Setting meeting.Issues continue to include quality education, academic freedom, collegial governance, and fairness for contract faculty. Ensure your voice is heard and your needs are considered by completing the Member Survey when it is distributed, and by participating at demand setting meetings. We will be successful with YOUR help.
– Your Local 560 Officers