Check that SWF!

| 10/01/2016

New terms are often full of surprises — moreso now that we have i3 and some strange college policies to contend with. Faculty are already reporting unusually large class sizes, and uncertainty about how many students they’ll have come first day of classes on Tuesday, January 12.

If you have significantly more students than was estimated on your SWF, or there are other things that don’t jive with what you expected regarding your workload or teaching responsibilities this term, consult with your Chair about these changes, and request an adjusted SWF with updated figures. You may also need additional prep time if large numbers of students in a small classroom requires reworking the way the course is taught. We ask you to make these requests for changes to your Chair, and copy so we can be sure workload is being adequately captured.

Remember that it’s not just about individual faculty overtime, or ensuring the workload is within the maximums provided for in the collective agreement; it’s about getting an accurate picture of the work being done by faculty at the college. This could mean additional jobs for faculty, or the conversion of a part-time position to partial-load.

As we saw last term, there may be changes to your timetable and classes well into week 3, so be prepared for anything. And if it bugs you, let us know.

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