Colleges still refusing to discuss faculty issues

| 22/09/2017

Following the strong strike vote by college faculty last week, your union bargaining team returned to the table this week ready to bargain in good faith and move negotiations forward to a fair settlement. Unfortunately, the College Employer Council continued their refusal to engage in meaningful discussions.

We hoped that our successful lobby day at Queen’s Park (see below) on the heels of faculty’s strong strike mandate vote would cause the Council to see bargaining in a different light. It did not.

As a result, your college faculty bargaining team has asked the conciliator to issue a “no-board” report, a move that will increase pressure on the employer by taking the next step toward a legal strike or lockout position.

Under the Colleges Collective Bargaining Act (CCBA), either party can request a no-board report, which is typically issued within a few working days of the request. From there, workers can strike, or their employer can lock them out, 16 days later.

Depending on what day the no-board report is issued, faculty and the colleges will be in a legal strike or lockout position in the week following Thanksgiving Day.

This does not mean the faculty team has set a strike deadline. Under the CCBA, the union must give five days’ notice of a strike and the employer must give five days’ notice of a lockout. If we are approaching a legal strike or lockout position and bargaining is progressing, we will continue bargaining. Your team remains committed to getting a deal, first and foremost.

To that end, and in an effort to trigger real negotiations, the faculty team made significant moves in bargaining this week. Unfortunately, the College Employer Council continues to reject the basic principles of equity and fairness or to even engage in discussions on key faculty demands. It is clear that their proposals would entrench the inequities in our collective agreement and that they are set on abdicating their responsibilities for equal pay for equal work under Bill 148.

The point of asking for the no-board is to change this. It is our hope that moving forward in this fashion will make our employer see that our members understand that, in order to settle this at the bargaining table, council has to begin engaging in constructive negotiations.

In solidarity,

JP Hornick
Chair, College faculty bargaining team

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