13 Nov. Forced Vote Update from Jonathan Singer

| 13/11/2017

Some of you may have listened earlier today to a webcast from the College Employer Council. Contrary to claims made during the webcast, the offer before us is one with concessions and will harm faculty.

The Employer repeatedly stated throughout the webcast that “union and management teams have agreed to all major items except for academic freedom language”.

That was true on November 5. It is NOT true, however, with relation to the deal dated November 6, on which you are currently being forced to vote on. This current deal contains major takeaways.

In fact, the many differences between the Employer’s offer and the Union’s last offer is evident from the side-by-side comparison at the College Faculty website.

The Employer has said that “a settlement should be reached at the bargaining table”. We could not agree more. I will remind you that it was the Employer who walked away from the bargaining table—twice.

The forced offer vote before faculty is one that the Employer could have requested weeks ago. If, as they claim, the Employer is concerned for our students, they could have put this offer to a vote before the strike began.

The offer on the table takes us back further than when the strike started. It erodes full time positions and avoids offering equal pay for partial load faculty. It does not satisfactorily address many of the issues we went on strike for, and it actively punishes us for choosing to exercise our right to strike.

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