Collective Agreement on Grievances

Office of the Chief Steward

The Chief Steward for OPSEU Local 560 is Frank Yee. Talk to your local stewards, contact one of the local officers, or feel free to contact Frank with your questions about workload and grievances.

The Collective Agreement on Grievances

Grievances are covered by Article 32, Grievance Procedures, in the Collective Agreement, and Article 33, Expedited Arbitration Process. These articles apply to any employee (partial-load or full-time) who has been employed continuously for at least the preceding four months.

Complaints not covered by Article 11, Workload, fall under Article 32, Grievance Procedures.

Complaints about conditions of air, light, space, and temperature are covered under Article 7.02, and discussed at the Union/College Committee.

Article 33, Expedited Arbitration Process, provides a means to speed up the grievance process if both parties involved agree to it.


To ensure that your complaint is heard, be sure that you respect the deadlines for action set out in your contract. Once you have launched a complaint, you are free, at any time in the process, to withdraw your complaint. However, if you wish to pursue your complaint, but do not act within the agreed timelines, you will lose your opportunity to pursue the complaint. Article 32.05 A clearly states the consequences of untimeliness: “If the grievor fails to act within the time limits set out at any Complaint or Grievance Step, the grievance will be considered abandoned.”

The time limits set out at the Complaint or Grievance Steps, including referral to arbitration, are calculated by excluding the period from Christmas Day to New Year’s Day inclusive. Note that, for Article 32, the term “day” refers to a calendar day and not a working day.

The imposed time limits can be extended only by mutual agreement of both parties.