Grievance Procedure and Deadlines

Grievance Procedure

Here is the grievance procedure for Article 32, with deadlines clearly indicated:

1. Discussion of Complaint:
You have twenty (20) days to launch a discussion with your immediate supervisor, either from the date of the circumstances giving rise to your complaint or from the date on which you became aware or “ought reasonably” to have become aware of the circumstances.

Prior to the discussion, you may wish to discuss the matter with a steward or union executive officer. For instance, your Chief Steward, Larry Olivo, (416 491-5050 x22814), and your union President, Jonathan Singer, (416 491-5050 x26010) can assist you in determining the validity of your complaint and possible remedies. As well, at any stage of the grievance process, you can be accompanied by and/or represented by a Union Steward.

2. Supervisor’s Response:
Following the discussion, your supervisor has seven (7) days to give you a response to your complaint. We advise that you request a written response.

3. Step One:
If your supervisor does not settle your complaint to your satisfaction, you can choose to launch a grievance, provided you submit your signed grievance within seven (7) days of your supervisor’s response to the discussion. (If you receive no response, you may proceed to the next stage of your grievance.)

You address your grievance to your immediate supervisor, setting forth:

  • the nature of the grievance,
  • the surrounding circumstances, and
  • the remedy sought.

Contact a union representative to help you formulate the wording of your grievance. The written grievance should be very brief, stating only the minimum information for the points mentioned above.

4. Supervisor’s Response at Step One:
Your supervisor has seven (7) days, following receipt of your grievance, to arrange a meeting at which you, a union steward designated by the Union Local (if requested by the union), the Dean of your Division , and your immediate supervisor shall attend to discuss the grievance.

Following the meeting, your immediate supervisor and Dean will provide a written decision, within seven (7) days, to the union steward and to you, the grievor. (If you receive no response, you may go ahead to Step Two of the grievance procedure.)

5. Step Two:
If you are dissatisfied with the College’s response, you can take your grievance to Step Two. Within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the College’s response, you must submit your grievance, in writing, addressed to the College President.

6. President’s Response at Step Two:
The President or his/her designee must convene a meeting to discuss the grievance within twenty (20) days of receiving your Step Two request. The College’s decision must be provided, in writing, within fifteen (15) days of that meeting.

7. Arbitration:
Should you remain dissatisfied with the College’s decision, following the Step Two meeting, you have fifteen (15) days to refer your complaint to arbitration, by notice in writing to the college.

The Board of Arbitration is composed of three arbitrators, one selected by the Union, one selected by the College, and one (the Chair) selected from a panel of arbitrators agreed to by both parties to the Collective Agreement. The arbitration process can take some time, given the need to schedule meeting dates convenient to all parties.

The finding of the majority of the arbitrators is final and binding upon all parties concerned.

* We have taken care in wording this advice. However, in the event of any discrepancy between this advice and the Collective Agreement, please consider the contract wording to be accurate.