Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committees

Joint Occupational Health And Safety Committees
Seneca College has a Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee or health and safety representative at each work site. There is also a Central Health and Safety (H & S) Committee that addresses issues on a college-wide basis. Concerns that have not been resolved by campus committees may be forwarded to the Central Committee for discussion. Support staff, faculty, and management are equally represented on both campus and central H & S Committees. The Central H & S Committee is chaired on a rotational basis by management, support staff and faculty. Muriel McKenna, as your elected Health and Safety Officer, leads the team of five Local 560 members on the Central H & S Committee.

H & S committees make recommendations to the College on health and safety issues that affect Local 560 members. The College is required under the Act to respond within 21 days to these recommendations. If they do not agree with a recommendation, they must state the reason. If they do agree, they must provide a timeline for implementation. If these Committees are to function effectively, it is important that you report any health and safety concerns to your local H & S Committee member or representative or to a Central H & S Committee representative (listed below).

The Health & Safety committees operate according to the Guidelines for the Structure and Function of Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees at Seneca College.