Jane Campus Steward Election

| 14/11/2016

There will be an election for stewards at Jane Campus:

Where: Jane Campus, 202
When: Wednesday, Nov 30, 2016 at 4:30 p.m.

Stewards are at the heart of our Union. As members of the Local 560 Executive Committee, they represent the needs and concerns of the faculty in their area, and facilitate the flow of union information to faculty.

Participating in this meeting will ensure that faculty in your area have their voice heard by both the Union Executive and College management. Local 560 Chief Steward Frank Yee will be running the election and will be happy to stay to address any general questions or issues that you may have.

If you want to run for steward, you do not need to bring a nominator. If you wish to run but are not able to attend, you can send a faculty member in the area in your absence, providing them with a letter in which you accept their nomination in absentia.


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