Salary Top Step

How to Reach the Top Step of the Salary Grid

Our Collective Agreement includes a salary schedule linked to a classification plan that establishes minimum and maximum salary levels for individual counsellors, librarians, and professors. Maximum salary levels are determined by the “employee’s relevant formal education levels and equivalencies.” As a result, the current qualifications of some faculty prevent them from eventually reaching the maximum salary step on the grid.

The In Service Teacher Training Program

For these individuals, the In-Service Teacher Training Program (ISTTP) provides a convenient means to access the maximum step on the salary grid, thanks to union bargaining for the 1987-89 Collective Agreement.

Can I Reach the Maximum Salary Level with my Current Qualifications?

To determine whether you are you among those who would benefit from enrolling in the In-Service Teacher Training Program, look at your educational qualifications. If you already possess any of the following credentials, you can reach the highest salary step and do not require an ISTTP Certificate.

  • a 4-year Canadian University Degree or more,
  • a General Pass university degree, plus a Bachelor of Education degree,
  • either a General Pass university degree or a 3-year CAAT Diploma or a certified Journeyman holding equivalent qualifications, plus an Ontario Teacher’s certificate granted before 1992 or equivalent as ruled by the Joint Educational Qualifications Subcommittee (JEQS),
  • a General Pass university degree, plus a valid Ontario Guidance Specialist’s Certificate granted before 1992 or equivalent as ruled by the JEQS,
  • a C.G.A. designation,
  • a P. Eng. designation,
  • a C.A. designation,
  • C.M.A. designation (formerly R.I.A.),
  • other educational qualifications that have been evaluated by the JEQS as equivalent to or greater than the Canadian credentials listed above.
  • (See Articles 14.03 A 1 (b) and 14.03 A 4 of the Collective Agreement.)

In lieu of achieving any of the above credentials, a professor may opt to pursue the ISTTP Certificate (for which there exist no equivalencies). The ISTTP Certificate will entitle its bearer to progress to the maximum step on the salary scale. Moreover, those employees (currently below the maximum step) with 15 years or more of service who enroll in the program will see their salary immediately increase by one step.

How Can I Enroll in the ISTTP?

Since the autumn of 1999, St Clair College has been the sole provider of the ISTTP. To enroll in the program, simply contact St Clair College via e-mail at or by telephone, toll-free, at 1-888-643-3360.

There are six modules in the program. However, if you have 10 or more years of service (post-probation), you are required to complete only modules 1 and 6. For more information on the content and cost of the program, check out St Clair College’s ISTTP web site.As well, you may obtain advanced credit standing for the remaining modules based on prior learning assessment or direct credit transfer, including som eof Seneca’s obligatory PD courses.

If you have further questions, please contact  the union office (416 495-1599) or by e-mail at