contract faculty campaign

Local 560 Hardship Fund

We recognize that our contract faculty often face demotion of employment status from Partial-Load to Part-Time, or loss of a contract altogether. Therefore, we have created the Local 560 Hardship Fund to assist our colleagues who are facing short-term financial difficulties.

You can apply to receive a $250 donation to help ease the financial constraints brought on by a reduced status or no teaching offer.

The fund is limited to $10,000, so we can help as many as 40 contract faculty with emergency financial needs.

Complete the application form and attach a copy of your previous Partial-Load contract, and your current contract. If you have no contract at all, a copy of an email from your Chair or supervisor indicating your change in status would be acceptable instead.

The Hardship Fund Committee will attempt to respond to your request within 2 weeks.

The Hardship Fund Committee will maintain confidentiality; however, the committee members, as well as the Local 560 treasurer and the trustees will have the right to review the documents to ensure compliance with the OPSEU Constitution.

If you are applying to this Fund in anticipation of your demotion from Partial-Load in January 2017, we would like you to confirm this with us by email by February 2017.