Strike and accomodations  


What do I do about strike duties if I have an accomodation?


All members of a striking bargaining unit have the right to participate fully in the strike. However, some members may not be able to perform all strike duties. In such cases, the strike committee has a legal and moral obligation to modify the member’s strike duties to enable them to earn strike pay. This is called accommodation.

Members have a duty to inform their strike committee if they require an accommodation and to co‑operate in finding solutions.

Those requiring accommodation to perform modified strike picket duties must fill out Form J (Picketing/Accommodation Information), which can be obtained from the strike committee. Details of a member’s needs are confidential.

A member of the strike duties subcommittee will be assigned to deal with requests for accommodation, which must be provided in a manner that respects the dignity of the person.

Edited: 5 months  ago

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