Strike Duties  


What are strike duties?  does everyone walk the picket lines?


Strike duties include but are not limited to walking picket lines during the strike.  That being said, the most common strike duty performed by members is walking the picket line.

For members with accomodations, suitable arrangements can be made on a person by person basis to ensure that every member who wants to perform strike duties has opportunity to do so.  [more information here]

There are a number of important administrative, logistical, and communication duties that also need to be accomplished during a strike, and that can serve as part of a member's strike duties.  The strike committee will determine what these needs are, and is the correct body to communicate with in regards to alternate strike duties. 

Strike duties, generally speaking, include the performance of specified tasks for four (4) hours a day, in order to qualify for strike pay (detailed here). 

Strike duties can be performed for five days a week, normally Monday through Friday, and strike pay is paid weekly. 


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