Notice of Steward Elections

| 17/04/2016

We will be holding steward elections for full time and partial load faculty, and full time counsellors and librarians. Any member of the bargaining unit who is a union member is entitled to run for office as steward if nominated by another member [no seconder is required].  If you wish to run but cannot be present, you can provide a letter for your nominator that indicates you will stand for office if nominated.

Please see the schedule set out below for the time, date and place of meetings for the election of stewards for Local 560. We will update the blank spots as information is confirmed.

Date Campus Work area Time Room Officer
April 19 Yorkgate/Vaughan All faculty  4 pm    
TBA Jane All faculty      
April 26 S@Y SELS/LAT/A&S 12:00 S2172 Singer
April 26 S@Y SCA/Media 12:15 S2172 Singer
April 26 S@Y BioSci 12:30 S2172 Singer
April 26 S@Y Computer Studies/ICT 12:45 S2172 Singer
April 26 S@Y SSW 1:00 S2172 Singer
April 26 NH FOB incl SELS Noon A2534 Olivo`
April 26 NH Technology 12:30 A4050 Olivo
April NH Fashion /Cosm 12:40 A2534 Burtch
TBA NH Counselling/Library 1 pm A2534 Olivo
April 25 King All faculty 1pm Law lodge Agnew
TBA Markham All faculty     Olivo
April 27 Peterborough All faculty/aviation 12:45 Pboro airport Singer

If you have any questions contact Larry Olivo at

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