Quick Notes on Strike Vote from Local 560

| 04/08/2017

Dear Local 560 members,

I hope that your summer is going well.

In light of our bargaining team’s latest, fifth newsletter yesterday, and the team’s request for a Strike Authorization Vote, I wanted to offer a quick update about bargaining.

As you know, bargaining between OPSEU and the College Employer Council is underway. Representing faculty at the 24 College Academic Locals is our elected bargaining team.

To my understanding, the two sides have met at the table for about 7 days so far, and are set to return to the table in late August. Our Collective Agreement is set to expire at the end of September.

Our bargaining team has already presented the Employer with contract language that covers several of the main non-monetary demands that our membership supported – including (but not limited to) a path to Full-Time jobs for faculty who want them, a collegial governance structure that increases faculty authority over academic decisions, and a workload formula for counsellors and librarians. (Many details about the specific demands already presented are found in newsletters #3, #4 and #5)

Across the negotiating table, the Employer’s bargaining team has been silent in response, refusing to engage meaningfully or productively with faculty demands.

Therefore, in order to inspire the Employer to seriously engage with these demands, the OPSEU bargaining team has requested that the OLRB set a strike vote, which would ideally enable our bargaining team to return to the table with a strong, unambiguous mandate from the membership, before our Collective Agreement expires.

As a former bargaining team member, I can say that — until a team is supported by a strike vote mandate to indicate its members’ seriousness — bargaining “demands” are treated by the Employer more like bargaining “requests”. I’m personally optimistic about what our bargaining team could achieve if they finally get such a mandate before the Collective Agreement expires, rather than after.

Here at Local 560, Seneca faculty can find all current bargaining information at our website:

If your prefer the updates to come to you automatically, please follow us on Twitter (@opseu560), or subscribe to our Bargaining RSS feed to have updates appear in your browser. (RSS help)

Yours in solidarity,

Prof. Jonathan Singer
OPSEU Local 560 President

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