Strike Preparations

You must take specific action to be prepared for the pre-strike GMM:

  1. Members who can access should update personal and banking information there
  2. All other Full Time or Partial Load faculty need to complete and electronically submit the forms below.
  3. All members must also complete the application for Strike Duty/Pay with the Local at


Strike Preparation Forms

All forms can be completed electronically.


General Instructions (Please Read First)

  1. download the form
  2. open it in Adobe Acrobat
  3. fill in the form fields
  4. save it on your computer and rename it, replacing FirstName.LastName with your actual name.  For example:
    1. Arthur.Puttee.OPSEUMembership.pdf
    2. Arthur.Puttee.OPSEUStrikeFormB.pdf
  5. Upload the completed forms below.

Leave Union ID blank if unknown
Leave the signature field blank if you do not have a digital signature

      → Please complete this Membership Application Form if:         ←

  • you have not signed an OPSEU union membership application before
  • you don’t remember if you have signed it before
  • you cannot remember your Union ID

      → Please complete Strike Form B in order to:                                       ←

  • indicate number of dependants (this affects your strike pay)
  • provide banking information so that OPSEU can set up direct deposit for your strike pay; you will need:
    • your bank or financial institution’s:
      • name and address
      • ID number
    • the branch/transit number and
    • your account number

Submit Your Completed Forms

Please submit one or both of the forms from this page (both can be attached at the same time) , duly completed, to your Local 560 Strike Committee


If you are having difficulties submitting, try a updated browser; if that doesn’t work, you can attach the forms to an email and send to Local 560’s Strike Committee