Team takes firm stand as management refuses to discuss faculty’s top issues

| 12/07/2017

The bargaining team has made the decision to file for conciliation.The bargaining team chair JP Hornick made it clear that the team felt they were left with no other choice, given management’s refusal to even entertain discussions around faculty’s top issue.

“While the management team claims in their public communications to be seeking integrity in negotiations and a positive relationship between the union and management, their actions say the opposite,” said Hornick. “When we proposed a better plan for academic decision-making through collegial governance, they refused to even consider it, despite the fact the very model we were proposing is already in place and functioning at Sheridan College.

“We’re suggesting that we let everyone make the decisions they’re experts in: faculty for academic decisions, and administrators for business ones. Sadly, they can’t seem to imagine letting go of control – even when it would mean better colleges for Ontario students.”

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A better plan: what college faculty proposed in Week 1
Member Demands: Establish academic freedom and collegial governance; Strengthen intellectual property rights
Academic freedom
Intellectual property protection
Collegial governance
Member Demand: Strengthen language to improve union representation of members working inside and outside the province of Ontario
Member Demand: Create a workload formula for counsellors and librarians
What does filing for conciliation mean for negotiations?



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