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| 13/11/2017

If you haven’t read the details of the offer set for the vote next week, you owe it to yourself to do so.  You can find copies of both sides’ offer, plus a comparison of the two at the College Faculty website.

But this week, you’re not being asked to vote on which offer you prefer: You’re being asked only to accept or reject management’s offer.  I urge you to REJECT it.

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The media and your college email address have, in effect, been ‘hacked’ – which is to say you are being subjected to a flurry of misinformation and ‘alternate facts’ pushed out by College Admin Executives (even VP’s of HR and Presidents are sending blatant lies) – apparently as advised by CEC’s lobbying/ PR team.

  1. What is proposed NOW by the College is a different offer than the one that the parties were apparently were close to agreeing to last Sunday night. It’s a rollback, demanding many further concessions from faculty that will increase precarious labour and will deteriorate college standards and graduates’ readiness for their careers.
  2. It contains NOTHING to ensure that front-line, industry-trained Instructors make vital educational decisions (on course content, evaluations, instructor choices, etc), instead of Administrators unfamiliar with teaching and industry standards. This reduces college relevance to industries that hire our grads and it dilutes the reputation of diplomas and certificates that alumni worked hard to earn. For CURRENT students, it reduces the value of the education they paid for: They opted to attend based on current standards of instruction, classroom experience, industry credentials, etc. We will no longer be able to deliver students the experience they were promised. And paid for! We will be breaking our contract with our students.
  3. It is rolls the clock back on Equal Pay by adding language that could allow the Colleges to wiggle out of its obligations under currently-drafted Equal Pay legislation.
  4. It threatens the creation of full-time jobs by eliminating language that automatically converted contract faculty positions to full-time, and by adding language that permits the unrestricted growth of part-time, non-unionized positions.
  5. It reduces the need to create new Full-time and Partial-load positions, by permitting unlimited overtime.
  6. It has no minimum staffing ratio to slow the Admin team’s rush to convert full-time roles to last-minute contracts.
  7. It gives management unprecedented control over our Professional Development and our work during Study Week. Its language means that we may have to complete assigned non-teaching work during Study Week (in addition to doing the usual grading and course prep) while getting no credit for that work on a SWF!
  8. The Back-to-Work protocol includes NO provision for faculty to receive overtime pay in exchange for future overtime following the strike. Moreover, the amount that the protocol deducts from the annual salary of full-time faculty for each day of the strike will cause them to lose up to $2000 more, from future pay cheques.

In short, this offer takes us backwards.  Its concessions mean that we will be worse off on issues of fairness and academic quality control – the very issues that we have been striking for, for the last month.

Please vote to REJECT the Employer’s offer, to ensure that all of our efforts and sacrifices have not been in vain.

If you are still not ready to commit to Vote No to this toxic offer, then please consider the source. Is this offer being made by a source you can trust?  Who is responsible for protecting your interests? The College Employer Council’s, or the Union’s?

Employer Council Chair Don Sinclair has told the press that their offer contains “no concessions”.  Given the obvious concessions listed above, can you trust the Council’s own representation of their offer? 

The Employer Council claims that their “new final” offer addressed all faculty issues.  What they don’t say is their offer fails to address those issues in a satisfactory way for faculty and for our students’ needs.  Please look at the Union’s offer to see a better way of addressing these needs – one that can reasonably be reached at the bargaining table.

There is a better offer to be had, but we can only achieve it by voting to REJECT management’s current offer.  If faculty accept the Employer’s offer, we will all need to live under it for the next four years, and beyond.  All of us: Partial-Load faculty, who could be converted to part-time; our Full-time faculty, who could be pressured to do unlimited overtime and increased work during Study Week; our students, who will see academic decisions made by people other than the industry experts that they paid their tuition to study under; even our retirees, whose pensions would increasingly be funded by part-time, precarious employees.

As with ANY election: please be an INFORMED voter!

Vote to REJECT the offer.

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