Which Policy Has Hurt Seneca’s Academic Quality the Most?

| 18/06/2017

Academic Quality Survey

Which Policy Has Hurt Seneca’s Academic Quality the Most?

A comparison of KPIs from prior to the implementation of the 2012-17 Academic Plan to the present day shows a decline in the employment rate of Seneca’s graduates, as well as a decline in the satisfaction rates of Seneca’s students and graduates, and their employers.


Of the following changes made by Seneca’s Senior Management throughout the 2012-17 Academic Plan’s implementation, which do you believe has most hurt Seneca’s academic standards?


Reducing instructional hours below Ministry guidelines

Reducing the passing grade for courses

Permitting students to graduate without a literature Gen Ed course

Permitting students to graduate with five or more “D” grades

Removing faculty from field placement supervision

Eliminating days of instruction for student orientation

Enabling students in daytime programs to take Con Ed courses for credit

Increasing class sizes


Bonus Question: Can you name a single College-wide policy implemented by Senior management since 2012 that has improved the quality of education at Seneca College?


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