Without fairness, there can be no deal

| 03/08/2017

Negotiations Bulletin, Issue 5

Fifty years in, our college system has its successes – and its flaws.

On the one hand, the system has grown in leaps and bounds, supporting the economic growth of a province that continues to boast one of the strongest economies in the country. On the other, it has failed to keep up with changing times, with a structure that sidelines faculty when it comes to decision making and fails to provide for the academic freedom needed to support student learning.

It’s also a system that is increasingly reliant on underpaid, precarious contract faculty, who are given little or no prep time, are paid a fraction of full-time wages, and have no idea whether their position will be there in a matter of months. The need to address this was identified as one of the top demands by members during our demand-setting process earlier this year.

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Team calls strike vote
Proposals that improve life for partial load faculty
1) Create more full-time jobs for faculty who want them
2) Provide equal pay for equal work
3) Improve job security for partial-load faculty
4) Give partial-load faculty access to benefits
Looking out for contract and sessional faculty
A management team that doesn’t want to work with us



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