Workload Monitoring Group

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WMG Composition: The Workload Monitoring Group consists of eight (8) members, four appointed by the College and four by the Union Local, for a term of office of two years, commencing on April 1 in each year.
A quorum at WMG meetings is 4, 6, or 8 members, with equal representation from both the College and the Union Local.
Alternative arrangements may be made at the local level upon agreement of the Union Local and the College.

WMG Functions

The functions of the WMG Shall include:

  • reviewing workload assignments in general at the College and resolving apparent inequitable assignments;
  • reviewing specific disputes pursuant to 11.02 A 4 and/or 11.02 A 6 (a) and where possible resolving such disputes;
  • making recommendations to the College on the operation of workload assignments at the College;
  • reviewing individual workload assignments where requested by the teacher or the Union Local and, where possible, resolving the disputes;
  • making recommendations to the College and Union Local committees appointed under Article 7, Union College Committee, as to amendments or additions to the provisions governing workload assignments at the College for local negotiation in accordance with 11.02 G in order to address particular workload needs at the College.

Where feasible, the WMG meets once weekly. At Seneca, these meetings generally take place on Wednesday afternoons, starting at 1:00 p.m.
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